The Documentaries are Now Online!

This week watch & share Oakland Originals: Michael Christian


Asiya Wadud : urban forager


Michael Christian : metal sculptor


Vanessa Espinoza : graffiti mural artist


Tim Monroe : inline skater

short documentaries highlighting what makes Oakland a uniquely vibrant and thrilling city

Asiya Wadud

Urban Forager

Michael Christian

Metal Sculptor

DJ Agana

Graffiti Artist

Tim Monroe

Inline Skater

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Movie Tickets Bonus Kickstarter Reward!

The first 7 people to contribute to our Kickstarter campaign before midnight on Thursday at the $25 level or above will get 2 free tickets to the historic Grand Lake Theater! Who doesn’t love bonus Oakland rewards?!          ... read more

‘Celebrate Fruit’ Harvest Contest!

Want to win some delicious backyard-grown fruit? In honor of Asiya Wadud, our favorite fruit forager, on the last day before we release our next documentary (on sculptor Michael Christian), we are giving away fresh from-the-tree, lemons and figs! All you have to do,... read more

Meet Cava Menzies! One of Our Talented Composers

Profile by Robert Ablon. Bay Area Native Cava Menzies was a natural fit for the Oakland Originals project. A Jazz Pianist and Music Educator who performs regularly throughout the area, Cava wrote the music for the Originals documentaries featuring Asiya Wadud and... read more

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Oakland Originals is a series of short documentaries that spotlight the artists, musicians, thinkers and do-ers that make Oakland a uniquely vibrant and thrilling community. Featuring folks who are pushing boundaries and exploring territories singular to Oakland, these “Originals” electrify the screen and remind us why we love this town.

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