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Asiya Wadud : urban forager


Michael Christian : metal sculptor


Vanessa Espinoza : graffiti mural artist


Tim Monroe : inline skater


short documentaries highlighting what makes Oakland a uniquely vibrant and thrilling city

Asiya Wadud

Urban Forager

Michael Christian

Metal Sculptor

DJ Agana

Graffiti Artist

Tim Monroe

Inline Skater

News & Updates

Inspiring Oakland’s Youth

Oakland teacher Abdul-Haqq Khalifah talks about the importance of inspiring Oakland’s youth with  role models in the community such as Oakland... read more

Behind The Scenes…

Meet the talent behind the Oakland Originals “Opener” When we asked local talents, David Murray (motion graphic artist) and Simon McCourt (composer), to create an Oakland Originals ‘opener‘ that reflects the spirit and energy of Oakland, we think they hit it out of the Coliseum! Their dynamic musical score and bold visual design weaves the series together and provides the perfect kick off. Find out what drives these two local artists… profiles by Daniela Rible   MOTION GRAPHICS ARTIST –  DAVE MURRAY Dave has been working in motion graphics in the Bay Area for 25 years, initially as an art director at Video Arts digital media studio in San Francisco and currently through his own studio, Spectacular Opticals. Having studied experimental film in college, Dave found it exciting to apply many of his ideas using digital media, especially during the early years of computer graphics. He co-directed, shot, and edited the comic documentary LIVERMORE, which aired on PBS’ Independent Lens in 2003. An Oakland resident for eight years, Dave loves the diversity and strong cultural influences combined with the thriving art, restaurant and music scene in this city. He has played in about 30 bands over the years, including fiddle in The Squirrelly Stringband (often at a monthly North Oakland Square Dance he organizes), electric guitar in the rock band Skunk, and the Greek bouzouki in his band Disciples of Markos (at a monthly Balkan music series he runs at the Starry Plough called the Berkeley Balkan Bacchanal). Dave first learned about Oakland Originals thanks to Jury duty. He and Jim ran into each other (they had worked together at Video... read more

Meet Our Partner – Muse and Company

Muse and Company has been a partner and advisor to the Oakland Originals documentary series from the very beginning. For our first shoots, they loaned us cameras, sound gear and crew. For test screenings, they provided an edit suite. Most recently, they loaned us an awesomely powerful projector for our summer Jack’s Night Market screenings. We couldn’t have completed the first four Oakland Originals without their generous support.   Who can resist holding meetings in a cozy refurbished 1971 Airstream trailer? Or hanging out in a sports-themed kitchen with basketball hoops, a giant scoreboard and a Steph Curry autographed jersey? Or hopping into an intimate 270° video theater that allows you to fly over the California coast or dip into the Grand Canyon? The team at Muse and Company not only have dreams like these, they get to make them come true.     Hired by some of the Bay Area’s most dynamic companies (including Google, Visa, YouTube, and Autodesk), Muse and Company has designed and built unique physical spaces since 2005. These environments allow users to express themselves as individuals, but also inspire them to think and live beyond their everyday lives. “We bridge the gap between Burning Man, Hollywood and Corporate America,” says Founder and Senior Project Manager Noah Veneklasen. “We bring talent and artists from all those areas to the world of architecture and design.”   Access to the Bay Area’s rich artistic and ‘maker’ communities is essential for Muse’s business. “We work with the most amazing artists to deliver environments that are different from the usual architectural elements one sees in buildings,” Noah says. He feels privileged... read more

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Oakland Originals is a series of short documentaries that spotlight the artists, musicians, thinkers and do-ers that make Oakland a uniquely vibrant and thrilling community. Featuring folks who are pushing boundaries and exploring territories singular to Oakland, these “Originals” electrify the screen and remind us why we love this town.

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