Vanessa Solari Espinoza (aka DJ Agana)

The Bay Area nurtures amazing graffiti artists, DJs, jewelry makers, educators, clothing designers and 3D animators. But how many individuals are all of these things? Oakland Original Vanessa “Agana” Solari Espinoza is an artist of striking talent, whose prolific work transforms urban landscapes and guides young inner-city youth to channel their powerful emotions into meaningful art.



About DJ Agana

Vanessa Espinoza, is an aerosol artist and a digital audiovisual specialist with a background in jewelry metal arts. Known as DJ AGANA is the loose translation of con ganas— which means ones motivation, drive, desire and ambition to hungrily accomplish any task.

For more than a decade she has exercised her knowledge of digital media and creative arts with young Bay Area artists encouraging them to tell their own unique stories through mural painting, film and animation.

Her goal is to reach endless audiences with visual landscapes that cultivate art for thought and action while bringing visibility to current issues and topics that tell untold stories from a female perspective of resilience.